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Has snowed heavily the last few days.
Watched  woodpecker finding bugs from our maple out front. Watched for about an hour
before she finally got her fill (good riddance to the bugs)

Got Bob hooked on Falling Skies, now I have to start over from the beginning so he can
see them all.

Seems like Bobs going to get to work again tomorrow. They don't understand, a "day off for them is
Awesome for them & doesn't hurt them... When they enjoy a day off & make everyone else take the day too
We pay by either me working another shift or not being able to buy the little things, like gas & meats...

Can't seem to get that room painted. Really trying but it's way more than I ever thought it could be.

Changing from such a dark room to a bright, light room takes way more than a simple "face lift"
However, what has been finished is absolutely Awesome!

Looking into rental insurance. Not liking the situation of things here with all the heavy snow on the roof...
Some pretty serious soundage from the roof/attic area the last few days. Landlord however, would rather
start complaining of the water usage & try to blame us for the pump house elect bill than fix or admit anything
is wrong, (even though, there is a frozen lake above where our water pipe used to be
& we're now "luck" on a good day, to be able to shower with at least 1 gph.  I would love to have an inspector come look over this place, (if I weren't so scared of having no where to go with my hens & roosters...
I'd be mighty cold (& Awful Stinky, Messy camping in tents this time of year, with my critters... lol)
Gotta be able to giggle a little or life could drive one insane...

Would love it if he could get the VA Certification for buying a home. Get something that we want
that we could keeps our chickens & have a real working farm with out a landlord consistently raising
rent every time we plant a garden or allow a chick to hatch...

He still needs to go back to Alaska. I know he would never be happy leaving there. Having this crappy
work situation here in this little town makes it even harder on him. He feels helpless.

I'd love to live up there again, "IF" My Michael & grandbabies were there... OR if, I could afford to come back
several times a year. Neither of which I see happening in the next few years.
I can't go through that depression of being up there all alone, so far from them like that again.

I Really do miss SO Much about Alaska! I just don't miss the long lonely depressing
winters, so alone...

I'm stuck between 2 worlds. The world with my son & grandbabies controls my sanity...

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