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New to all of this

Jan 12, 2016 - 0 comments



New Years Resolution


Living a Life Worth Living

So I had an Endo appointment today, and unfortunately nothing new, not testing enough, a1c too high, etc. Still confused on how I continue to fail myself to get better about this, after a decade of this disease, still not trying harder and catching on to anything. I've decided that this will change, starting today I will make myself better for my family, for my future, and for my own conscience. I will test when I am told, and even when I am not, I was do insulin before I eat and never forget to bolus for a meal, I will get my a1c in the sevens, and I will make myself proud, starting today.

I have made this my only new years resolution, because I know it is achievable, and not only that, but that it must be achieved in order for my life to be worth living in the future.

Lets get this together so that one day we don't look back with regrets.


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