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A Case of Hiccups During Cataract Surgery

Apr 20, 2010 - 2 comments

Just when I think I have seen it all, I see something new and a little inspiring. In surgery yesterday we had an older gentleman with a fairly severe head tremor.  I was expecting this and has used a whole roll of 3-M Transpore tape to stabilize his head (you know I keep them in business.)  What I didn't expect was the case of hiccups he developed right after we started his cataract surgery.  Not just little ones either.  His whole body shook each time.  I went about timing him between hiccups and found that it was every 11-13 seconds.  After waiting 5 minutes, it appeared that his movement would only be an issue for 2 parts of the surgery, the main incision in the cornea and the precise opening of the lens capsule.  I had convinced myself that I could do both maneuvers within the 10 second windows and was literally only millimeters away from the eye with the corneal blade when his hiccups miraculously stopped right then.  I think it's God's way of reminding me that I can't always rely solely on my own abilities. His surgery went perfectly well, by the way.

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by yarrow, Apr 21, 2010
What an experience (and a great little story)!  It's nice to know that an experienced surgeon doesn't become jaded and can enjoy working intelligently with a new situation.

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by Tammy2009, Apr 21, 2010
Hehe, this gave me a nice giggle.  I know those hiccups, I get them all the time.  It's amazing how you can do such delicate work within time sensitive windows.  Good job!!

Thanks for the little humour, it gave me a nice break from stressing out over finals.

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