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Aside from finding out I'm back on split shifts yesterday & loosing 4>5 hrs next week at work,
the rest of the day after work wasn't bad. Michael, Leslie & grandbaby girls came over for
pork roast dinner. Had a few hitches, but that's because Michael likes to be a little early,
(like his momma) & Bob & I were running a little late because Bob couldn't go get pellets &
pickup my meds with out me. Set us a little "running a little late"  & Michael in the kitchen makes
momma real distracted. Annoyed with myself for getting a little agitated & all. Proud I didn't let myself ruin the night,
They didn't get to stay late, snow coming down real good so they headed home earlier than I'd wanted
But, I understood & really was quite content when they left.
Love those little family moments.
Love that Michael still loves his mommas cook'n!
Thankful for Those family times

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