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and the baby's gender is....

Apr 20, 2010 - 22 comments

There I was on the exam table... hoping and praying to find out what the baby was... I found myself squinting to try and determine what it was. At that moment, I didn't care... I just wanted to know. All along I had a strong feeling of what it was even my dreams told me what it was, although in my heart I kept hoping for another girl. Which goes to say, we're having a boy!! And honestly... I am a little crushed, yeah... now that's it had a little time to sink in, I'm not as happy as I should be. I'm just going to be honest here!! I knew in my heart that it was boy, but at the same time, I kept hoping for another girl. I imagined two precious little girls running around my house in pig tails... but now that's never going to happen. I imagined my daughter having a sister, something I never had, and always wished i did.

I'm happy, and I'm excited to be having a boy, and my husband couldn't be happier... but I just can't help feeling a little "let down" that it's not another girl. I have so many girl things, I had my favorite girl names picked out, but no boy names, I have saved all my daughter's clothes, all her blankets, just in case... but now I'm truly very sad that I'll have to get rid of most of them! I can't keep 3 huge bins of clothes around for no reason.

I never imagined feeling this way after finding out. I thought no matter what I'd be happy. I know I shouldn't feel this way, and I really hope none of you judge me, I know there are so  many women who want nothing more than to be mothers, and can't even get pregnant, and my heart goes out to each and every one of them. But even so, I'm just not quite adjusted to the fact that I'll be having a boy. ...I know will get used to the idea, and I know once he's born, I wouldn't want it any other way!

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1149221 tn?1304827966
by szw2008, Apr 20, 2010
OH MY GOODNESS!!! YOU SCARED THE CRAP OUT OF ME! I thought something was wrong! I don't judge you, I want another boy, but I'm afraid it might be a girl.... I won't know till October, so I'm sure after labor I won't care as long as it's healthy! Congrats, boys will grow on ya!

796506 tn?1370188305
by nickieb85, Apr 20, 2010
Hey girl congrats on the boy!!!!! I think that when the time comes you will definitely be happy =) Boys are great and they are so much fun! No one is going to judge you at all because we all have that feeling at one time or another... I felt that way when my second little boy was definitely a little boy (2 in a row) so I was a little disappointed... I got over it and it was totally great!

773214 tn?1295135069
by DMarie919, Apr 20, 2010
AW honey!!!  I know how you are feeling.  For my first one I thought it was a girl and then we found out it was a boy and I have to admit I had a small pity party for myself but then life goes on and you have to realize the blessings you have been given and make the best of things!  I now can't imagine my life without him and I honestly don't know what I would do with a girl, though I am hoping for one of each also.  More and more I am thinking it's going to be another boy this time too so I am preparing for it.  Health is #1 priority!  They make cute baby boy clothes...and they LOVE their MOMMY's!! :)  Trust me, my little boy is the'll see....  
I never had a sister either but even though your lil guy is younger he will still protect his big sis just as my brother did growing will all be okay!! :)  HUGS!

773214 tn?1295135069
by DMarie919, Apr 20, 2010
but I will say boy's names are tricky!!  

1205562 tn?1554747006
by Tasha505, Apr 20, 2010
Thank you all so much!! I really appreciate your comments, and most of all, your understanding!! I just look at my daughter and I just simply can't picture what it will be like to have a boy. I almost feel sad that my little baby girl is growing up and I wont have another one... ha ha, I know it's so silly that I feel this way. Maybe it's the pregnancy hormones as well. I know I will love my son with all my heart,just as I do my daughter, but for now, I just can't imagine it. I know i will accept it in time. And that health is the number one thing that matters... which is what I've been saying all along... until I found out!! My family is ecstatic, they are so happy we're having a boy.  I'll come around, it's gonna take some time to sink in. I guess I'm just never around baby boys, ALL my friends and family have nothing but baby girls so maybe that's another reason I'm so unsure...

Thanks again everyone I really appreciate it!!  

801413 tn?1333539276
by WifeofAnt, Apr 20, 2010
I love little boys.  I keep calling mine a girl but secretly I really want a boy.  Plus there's no law saying you can't have a third child later!  *wink*

1177493 tn?1286659226
by 7yrslater, Apr 20, 2010
Congrats. Me and you are total opposites. I long for a boy but don't think I am destined to have any. I have 2 girls. The intelligender came out girl. My dreams are of a boy but in my heart I know its going to be a girl. I will probably feel the same as you if I find out I'm having a girl. But I'm sure in due time you will start to feel more and more excited about your baby boy. I'm jealous of you:) continue to have a happy and healthy pregnancy.

1166767 tn?1315427171
by Cyn_x0, Apr 20, 2010
Aww I don't judge you at all- You were hoping for another girl- Although you're sad now I'm sure in the coming months those feelings will change. Now you have one of both- a mommy boys also :)

btw is this your last time having a child?


1201929 tn?1293708072
by onyxangel, Apr 21, 2010
First off let me commend you on your honesty. Not many woman would publically admit gender preference so hun that is pretty cool. Secondly Although I have not children and am only on 11DPO hehe I want a girl, I've ALWAYS wanted a girl. I love my mom and mine relationship. Im a bit nervous because my husbands side is ALMOST ALL boys!!! 7 boys 1 girl and on my side it's ALL GIRLS so it's one side against the other. Personally if I have a boy and they come out like the boys in my husband family I will BE SERIOUSLY upset! I know it has to do with parenting but they have loving mother so what gives... so yes Im terrified in having a boy.

Anyway. Like wifeofant said who said you should stop at boy???? Aim for another girl plus their is always the option of adoption :)

Betcha he is totally going to be a Momma's boy hehehe. He's going to be protecting you before you know it.
Good luck

933846 tn?1353452448
by Ready_4_Baby_2, Apr 21, 2010
I understand where you are coming from. I have no idea what I really won't so there's a chance I'll be disappointed either way. LOL I want another girl because my daughter wants a sister and it'll be nice to have two girls as well. However I know my husband wants a boy and a small part of me want one too.

1205562 tn?1554747006
by Tasha505, Apr 21, 2010
I think my baby having days are over... although I have considered adoption. I have thought of it a lot, and we'll see what happens. I'll get used to the idea... it's starting to sink in a little more. I'll get there!!! Thank you all so much for your comments, and for being understanding. I really never thought I'd care... not until I started to think about it after finding out. Then it hit me... "maybe I really wanted this one to be a girl" ...and THAT'S JUST IT... it's not that I don't want a boy, I just wanted this one to be a girl!! I wanted this one to be close to my daughters age so she could have a sister. And then I thought we could try for one more if it wasn't a boy... because I did want a boy, I just wanted one later! ha ha, but we can't really chose that now can we?!

1035252 tn?1427227833
by Ashelen, Apr 21, 2010
I know exactly how you feel...when I found out I was having a boy it was like this little dip in my gut...I wanted and expected another girl so bad. I'm thrilled, and I can't wait to meet my son I'll love him just as much as I would have loved a girl....but my initial reaction, and it's horrible but it actually came out of my mouth, was "Oh, a boy?? I have no idea what to do with a boy...." and then I laughed and the u/s tech gave me the most sympathetic look....But I'm the same exact way. I wanted another girl this time. I wanted a boy for my THIRD baby...but that's exactly right you don't get to choose, lol. Now I've had 12wks to get used to the idea of having a boy (we found out at 15wks and had it confirmed several times since then....I'm now 27wks) and I'm very excited, but every time I go to pick out boy clothes I'm like "they're just not as cute!!!". lol...anyway, I love my little boy and I can't wait to have him in my arms, but I'll admit that just like you there was an initial "wait, what??" moment for me. <3

1035252 tn?1427227833
by Ashelen, Apr 21, 2010
Oh...I also have a daughter already, so I know what you mean about wanting her to have a sister. I was an only child so I wanted my girl to experience all the sibling bonding I never had...but there's no reason she can't have that with her brother. Just different!

1145691 tn?1291478338
by MissmyAngel, Apr 21, 2010
We are really hoping for a boy, and we are only getting this one shot due to DH's age. I know I will be disappointed if this baby turns out to be a girl, but I'll be even more dissapointed because DH needs a boy to continue his namesake, or it dies with him. I think I could deal with having a girl, but would be dissapointed at first too, partly because it will feel like I let DH down.

913879 tn?1283512718
by jase2007, Apr 21, 2010
Congrats....I know exactly how you feel. When I was pregnant and I went in to find out what I was having, I was "hoping" that it would be a lil girl (I even had a name picked out and everything) but just as soon as I found out it was a lil boy, I was a bit disappointed but after the initial "shock" (if you can call it that) I was just hoping and praying for a healthy baby boy!!! Now that I have him in my life, I wouldn't want it any other way...He is a true blessing to me and he provides me with so much strength everyday!!! I just pray that everything goes well with you and lil boys are just amazing :-) Take Care...

187316 tn?1386356682
by alaysha, Apr 21, 2010
I don't judge you at all. I've pretty much already told DH not to be shocked if I start bawling because I'm so upset if the baby ends up being a girl. I just want a boy so bad and it will crush my dreams if I have another girl. :(

Either way though we all know that in the end we'll love our little ones. Plus, don't get rid of the girls clothes because in the future you might have another girl. Geez. I got rid of ALL my baby stuff (my 500 dollar crib included) and found out a month later I was pregnant. I'm still kicking myself.

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by pertykitty, Apr 21, 2010
i have one of each.  both have been different in such wonderful ways.  boys are so loving and sweet and fun!  it wont matter at all what the sex is once you deliver.  it will just be perfect and you will love that baby just as he is! congrats, go buy some boy stuff and have fun!

1181036 tn?1367368640
by FreshLove, Apr 23, 2010
Congratulations!!!!!!!! I'm so jealous you already found out, lol. I find out May 10th and I'm really hoping it's a girl but I have this intense feeling it's a boy and so do my fiance and we will see. And I'm sorry your daugther doesn't get a sister but I had a younger brother close to my age and we still had a lot of fun as children so I'm sure she will still be happy :)

1205562 tn?1554747006
by Tasha505, Apr 23, 2010
yeah... it'll be all good. I had a brother too... and we're still close. In fact, he's my neighbor! Haha!! I'm happy now... really happy! I was bummed at first but I am really excited to meet my son now... can't wait!!
yeah I found out pretty early, my doctor is awesome, he does u/s every time almost!! love it!!

1296659 tn?1272545321
by bcgirl22, Apr 29, 2010
I know the exact feeling you are talking about....My oldest is 4 and a boy and its exactly what i wanted him to be:) When i got pregnant with my youngest i just had that deep down feeling that it was a boy but i wanted a girl so bad that i kept saying its gonna be a girl.My mother even kept saying that it was gonna be a girl..Since i had miscarried twice i had to have a lot of ultra sounds done to keep a good check on the baby and my ultra sound tech had been with me through my previous miscarriage so she took all of the pictures for me...She even kept saying "Dixie i believe you are having a girl"...I was so excited bc i had her name picked out and had family getting me all these cute pink clothes and everything...I went in at 6 months to have another ultra sound done to check up on the baby and im laying there and she put the probe on my stomach and says"Dixie you are gonna cry, i was wrong"...I looked at her and said " another boy?" She just shook her head yes...I couldnt help but cry...Granted the only thing that mattered was that he was healthy but i had my heart set on a little girl....Needless to say he just turned 1 and i wouldnt change a thing....But i can deff understand the feelings you are going through......It may take some time but once that baby is here it wount even matter:)

1302038 tn?1439575232
by TinaR10, May 11, 2010
CONGRATSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS on the boy i have a boy myself they are so fun. So dont be upset there great and easy to take care of

1205562 tn?1554747006
by Tasha505, May 11, 2010
Oh I'm very excited now... can't wait!! I knew I'd come around... :) Thanks

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