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Quad pain right leg

Jan 18, 2016 - 1 comments

Same pain as on Thursday. I am not limping but still hurts same.

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by iLiz, Oct 14, 2017
I saw your schisto post.  Im sorry I didnt take note of the date. I am curious. Did drs test your stool sample? Did they diagnose you w/schisto and give u the 1 or 2 pill praziquantel ? Is the pain in your leg the result of the infection? I  too, am infected. Im in so cal. So far loma linda univ medical center said"no" .. my PCP (primary care physician) basically got a kick out of me stating that im pretty certain Ive developed a parasitic infection. He sat down facing me and proceeded to administer a psychological exam. He determined that I am severely depressed haha. He noted on my chart (he read it aloud, chuckling as he wrote it). Patient believes she has worms in her head & neck. My initial symptoms were cracking/ crunching sound at the base of my skull. They had made their way into my sinus cavity and were (and still are) a constant presence in my nose. My doc referred me to a GYN as I was having pretty significant ongoing pain in what felt like either my ovaries or the lymph nodes in my groin area. Many days by afternoon I experienced plenty of pain walking. So I asked my (chuckling PCP) to look in my nose. There was reluctance but he did. He did it twice in fact. He stated that it is the 2nd worse "allergic reaction" hed seen in his career. He prescribed me nasal spray and the use of a neti pot. At this point I knew it was spreading into my eyes. They were glazed at all times, watery, felt heavy, completely devoid of life, no sparkle, bloodshot. I became obsessed with their presence in my nostrils. They are encased in a sticky bio-film .. I need only tilt my head back and look up my nose in a mirror to see this was something serious. I became consumed with educating myself and angry to see the CDC and others denounce the existence of Schistosomes in the US. Insisting its only a tropical disease. Adding that if an American has it, they acquired it from an endemic area which we know to be africa asia s america egypt et al. And they deny it .. WHY? Here's the deal .. our MDs aren't trained/knowledgable on the topic of parasites .. when a patient suggests it one of two things occurs: Shes laughed at, mocked given a psych test; or 2) placed in holding for 72-hrs and then released and now will live with the social stigma that shes a nutbag who thinks she has worms crawling around inside her. My gyno (3rd attempt) not only refused to take a look at the very small & clean as I could make it stool sample, photos of awful looking large puffed up red rash across my back, a rather massive sized black n blue mess that covered the back of my left thigh .. I also experience a very painful exit of a solitary schisto thru the first knuckle of my right ring finger while taking a shower. It left a good size exit scar and the finger is now permanently bent at the exit point. I have found a handful in my hair mostly after showering .. at least thats when I've noticed them. Im going on 2 yrs. I even wrote to UCR reknowned entymology dept .. knowing the have a staff member with a phd in parasitology. I never received a reply. I just want to know where to go where I can get the medical testing and treatmemt I so badly need knowing granulomas are present and also that I've got organs involved as well.

Im very interested to know if u got tested diagnosed and prescribed.  And how youre doing and whether your organs suffered. I jave had to resort to homeopathic, self medicating or herbaling I guess.  My hair. My long brown hair. Comes out in clumps and is very much like straw.  Please share any knowledge, experiences, whether u got treatment.. did it work? Reinfection rates are higher in those who have already had the infection. Im telling you I could successfully hold a quwstion and answer session I know of all the self made remedies .. the herbs .. the apple cider vinegar, garlic, onion, squeezed lemon juice wormwood tumeric blk walnut, pumpkin seeds.  As it turned out I have 2 masses on my ovaries. I had to take the CR125 CANCER marker and have a trans vaginal ultrasound and a complete MRI. Im going to close this out. You never expected this. I've got lots more. I've thought about blogging anonymiusly somewhere. I found it difficult to find actual cases of ppl like me in the US.. so maybe if I chronicle it, it can be of help to someone becaise its frightening and there just isn't any actual real life stuff and especially real life parasite photos showing actual size shape color not something from a microscope that looks nothing like the real deal. I have taken hundreds of ohotos of this lonely journey. I have pulled away from my mom my aunt my friends bc I decided that I mostly dont want my friends to know and I've kept it from my mom somehow. I hardly talk to her and it kills me but I dont think she would understand. Esp when even I dont understand.  Bye hope thibgs are moving in a positove direction.  

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