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i have history of gonorrhea i thought it was gone then my girlfriend say she say a symptoms of gonorrhea

Jan 22, 2016 - 0 comments


Dear. Dr.

month of Feb 2014 i have sex with my ex girlfriend
month of March 2014 i have white discharge every morning, pain in urinating and itchy sensation
i go to urologist and he said i have gonorrhea without any test, he describe me an injection and
medicine 2x a day for 1 week. the symptoms gone and after a month its there again, then my doctor describe again a medicine, then symptoms are gone again then few months its there again. few months without taking anymore medicine the symptoms are gone. i thought i have no gonorrhea. then

month of May 2015 i have a girlfriend we always have sex, he had no symptoms of gonorrhea in past months until when we 8 months {month of January 2016} we have sex and a day after we sex she said she's pain while and after urinating and itchy inside of her vagina. (note: she have 2 ex boyfriend that she have sex with before we. 1st relationship; they both virgin, 2nd: the guy is virgin)
*and i have no other sexual partner, im loyal to her

1. have i infected her?
2. my gonorrhea is still there?

I apologise for my English  I'm not really good at it.

Thank you for your answer and expertise, I really appreciate it.

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