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epilepsy - things i have noticed

Apr 27, 2010 - 1 comments






I have noticed that as an adult sometimes i can feel my nocturnal seizures. They will somehow be worked in to what ever dream i am having at the time. I don't recall ever being aware of them in my childhood. I will try to add more things that i notice in the hopes that someone can use this info.

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by doctordeb149, Mar 25, 2011
My daughter, 12, says the same thing.  Recently she went from having many seizures a day to basically none during the day but still a few at night.  I talked to someone recently who had seizures for 15 years and near the end they changed from both day and night to only night.  When I had my daughter stop eating gluten, after about three months of being off of it, she started doing great.  First time in 7 years!

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