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Feb 01, 2016 - 0 comments










I just woke up and it was almost 2pm.  I had a hard time getting out of the deep sleep and was dreaming something weird.  I took 2 gabapentin last night.  I woke up feeling sick maybe with a head cold again.  I have been sneezing rapid fire.  I took some cold medicine at 2pm so hopefully that will help.  

I also feel bloated and full even though I just woke up.  I weighed and that was disappointing.  I'm hoping that is just the bloating and it will go back down.  I'll cut back on calories today and hopefully lose the extra.

On another note, my feet hurt like crazy.  It hurts inside the bony area and not the bottom and heal so not planter fasciitis. It is really bad and standing up is really painful.  The cold medicine has tylenal so I think I'll take some ibuprofen 800 mg and see if that helps.  I sure hope so.

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