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It is a good thing children come into this world as sweet little babies instead of teens or the human race would go extinct.  

My youngest son is really pushing his luck.  He is 19 and a senior in high school.  We are worried he might not graduate and he currently has all F's except one D-.  He failed one class and now has to make up up a class online to be able to graduate.  He is angry because we are turning off his internet at 9pm.  He had the nerve to tell us he has to play games with his friends online until 9pm so by cutting off his internet we are causing him to fail.  We refused to change the time so he said he will just play pc games instead and stay up anyway.  He told his dad that a man that doesn't have any fun is a soulless man.... and that it was inhumane to expect him to not have a social life.  

I'm thinking he would make a good politician.  

Wow.  He must have gotten this crazy gene from his dad's side of the family.  

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