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Let's remember the Ability in disAbility.  .  Our children are capable of seeing and hearing and sensing deep things that just pass by most of us. I consider this a great asset.

Let me illustrate:  once upon a time, I got ice cream and spent two hours with my daughter in the parking lot watching ants carry a piece of my pecan sundae away.  First one ant, then a few, then a swarm carried that nut across the rough terrain.  This nut was huge (to an ant, anyway).  Awesome!  What teamwork!  All of this was accomplished with non-verbal communication!  I wanted for once to see what she sees in these creepy crawly critters.  Hey, if there is anything to stim on, ants rule! I didn't care what others thought; it was just us and the ants.

The rest of the family got tired of watching all this and drove home. She and I walked home two hours later.  All the while we were talking about her favorite subject -- bugs.  Just like a Bill Bixby scene from Eddie's Father!   What's my point?  Get to know your child; both you and your child  will learn things you never dreamed.

(About the illustration:  My daughter drew this a long time ago with Windows Petz.  I hope she won't mind)

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366995 tn?1198170765
by SaveMePlease143, Dec 23, 2007
I wanted to add you as my friend for this reason other than I do need help with my detoxing, but when I read your blog, I thought, this man knows what he is talking about. Let me explain something. I am in a relationship with a guy who has kids. Lately I have been detoxing, so of course his kids are getting on my last nerve. How can I cope with kids I find to be very spoiled brats. I love him so dearly, but his kids are tearing us apart. Or am I so dam selish I just can't see past my ownself?

367831 tn?1284258944
by mjthewriterdad, Dec 25, 2007
I don't know much of what I can do 4u savemeplease.   It's funny what kids do perceive.  Maybe the kids are feeling left out?  Matbe they know someting is going on in your life?  My youngest daughter likes to exploit my weaknesses to her gain.  That's when I just walk away.

365714 tn?1292199108
by MJIthewriter, Mar 14, 2008
Yes I remember that moment. It was fun to watch the pavement ants work together to carry that nut.

About that ant:
No I didn't draw it with a drawing tool. I "drew" it by using a computer game called Petz. I hacked into a breed file code (a type of DLL file the game uses) and transformed what would have been a mutt (dog) (if I remember right) into an ant by manipulating some numbers in the file. In the game they come out in several colors and a couple sizes. The colors I tried to simulate realistic colors (as much as I could do with a 255 color palette) One being the large one you posted here. The other is a small version. Male ants come out with wings that flap a little when they walk.

If you haven’t any knowledge of the game, it uses balls (ballz) and lines. Those balls and the lines are what form the shape of the creature. What numbers I change are the ones that affect the coordinates of those balls. I can also add in new balls and remove, add, or change the line connections. It's a tedious process though. The game really was not designed to be used for creating "artwork" but several people on the net have found it as a type of media as well as a puzzle of some sort.

Unfortunately no one can really change the behavior so all my ants in the game romp around and act like dogs. At least they don't bark, thanks to a kind online friend who helped find some real ant sounds for then to "speak"

I did do some hacks that caused some unusual behaviors with other files. I think I was exploiting some game glitches.

367831 tn?1284258944
by mjthewriterdad, Mar 14, 2008
okay, i changed the post.  On that nite I don't remember hearing any "real ant sounds"!  I do remember your Petz bugs (and other various items like clouds) wagging their abdomens and prancing around like puppies.

365714 tn?1292199108
by MJIthewriter, Mar 14, 2008
I seldom bothered to play with the sound on after a while. (even I have to admit have to admit the sound gets old after a while) The ant file does have sound, but the sound wavs are a separate download. And most likely I didn't download the sounds. After a while I just focused on the most interesting part which was manipulating the shape and color. Come to think of it I think there were three sizes of ants.

I remember the rain clouds. Those were pretty neat. I made it so every time the "dog" would pant and stick out it's "tongue" a lightning bolt popped out from the bottom of the cloud.  I was planning to do a series based on the weather icons... I got the rain cloud and the t-storm, but I never did get around to the regular cloud, cloud w/sun rain cloud w/sun, storm cloud w/sun, sun, snow cloud, and so on...

I had several other projects I did until I eventually lost interest.

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