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Baby blues

Apr 29, 2010 - 0 comments

So i know my youngest son is only 1 but i find myself alot here lately missing him being  a lil baby...I know im almost insane from just having 2 kids of my own and from keeping 4 other boys who are all under the age of 4 all the time but i miss being pregnant so bad..Its funny bc towards the end of my pregnancy i couldnt wait to give birth and have my body back but now i miss feeling him move and i secretly still have hopes of one day having a little girl.My husband says im crazy and that we dont need any more but ive got a bad case of the baby blues....

I have the mirena IUD in but i have had some really weird stuff happening that indicate that i might be pregnant...I dont know if i really could be pregnant or if i just want to be pregnant again so bad that my mind is playing tricks on my body lol...I dont know what is going on with me i just know im ready to have another one..Could i really just be insane...:)

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