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Please Help!

Apr 29, 2010 - 2 comments

So, as I stated in the previous journal I took a HPT and I got a BFN. However, previously before today I have been having mild cramps like AF was coming, fatigue, increased appetite, cervical mucous and higher than normal BBT. Today was the day for AF and so far it is no where in sight. I do not have my normal intense cramps that I normally have the day of AF. I am kinda of nervous because I do not want  to get my hopes up and this is actually a cyst again. I do not think it is because last time I did not have these earlier cramps. Also, my BBT dropped last night to 98.1 and this morning it rose to 99.4 and has stayed that way. I still have the cervical mucous but it has turned from watery to a little thicker but thinner than cottage cheese, way thinner (TMI). Could I still be pregnant? Is there anyone out there who is or have gone through the same thing? Please help me. I feel like I'm going crazy.

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by meganblair09, Apr 29, 2010
honey taht is great great news! IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!! have you checked the position of your cervix?? If its high and soft.... hun id say you dont have much to worry about!! but dont forget pms and early pregnancy symptoms are a lot a like. I get cramps, increased appetite, fatigue and even nausia before my period.. However, no af yet and a HIGH bbt.. those are very good signs! I hope you all the best!! A little jealous i must say !haha! To answer your question you could definitly be pregnant.
take another HPT tomorrow if still no AF. and stay calm, if you are you are! BABY DUST!!

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by mami2bonita, Apr 29, 2010
Thanks megan! your awesome. Ok it felt like AF was coming earlier today so I ran && prepared myself but NOTHING. Checked my temp earlier and it was 98.6 and I checked it a little later and it was 99.0. It keeps going up and down like that.  I also just ate four corndogs back to back and I do not eat like this. Oh I sure hope this is it. My husband and I have been trying for almost 2 years. We do not want to go to the doctor at all. We want to figure things out our self. I pray this is it. I'll post a journal tomorrow after I take another HPT. fingers crossed.

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