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stupid dr.'s or stupid thyroid?

Apr 30, 2010 - 2 comments

i'm not sure i can make to june feeling like this. i'm so confused and angry and anxious. in the back of my mind is always a thought that maybe these dr's a right, it's not my thyroid and i have some even more horrible disease. i wake up every day feeling like cement. my lack of energy and stamina drives me crazy. i want to be the productive person i was onl;y 5 years ago.....i feel so unlike who i used to be. everything is a challenge...the depression is awful.i look forward to nothing. sometimes i wonder if this is what i'm supposed to feel like at my age, like the endo i saw told me. but i know it isn't, and nobody will recognize my hypothyroid as being the cause of these problems, they want to go in ANY direction but thyroid......WTH????? i'm still amazed that the last doc i saw didn't even know what t3 was!!! and would not even prescribe 5mcg. how can they justify not paying attention to my symptoms of thyroid, when that's what caused them to first test me for a thyroid problem. it never entered my mind that i could have thyroid disease. I saw the first doc for help with quitting smoking and my daughter was with me, we started to talk about things i could do to help, like walk or take a bike ride.....all i could say was, i'm so tired and's the only thing i said and he tested my thyroid. but after i started t4 nothing more was discussed. it was just blood work. i asked for armour, and he gave it just to humor me, he took me off it before bloodwork.he said"this isn't working" when i asked why he would think that he said "it just isn't"...but until i can get the right something??? how will I know whether it's my thyroid or something else......TIRED OF THINKING ABOUT THIS, TIRED OF FEELING LIKE THIS, TIRED OF NOT KNOWING........%^&* my 84 year old mil has more energy than i do : (

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by medicmommy, Apr 30, 2010
Ugh. I've soooo been there. Do you have any recent blood work that you can post? I had to start getting copies of everything and learned to read my levels so I could tell what was what because I was tired of the "come back in 6 weeks" game. (I was VERY tired of Drs and needles by that point.) If it is not thyroid, then clinical depression can be a culprit too. It is difficult to separate hypo-t from the other (since hypo-t CAUSES depression!) -and it sounds like you are at the bottom of the barrel now. Can you contact you GP/ endo nurse and plead your case, telling them you are desperate and depressed and need to get something started NOW since it takes a minimum of 2 weeks (usually 4-6) for the meds to reach peak levels? Remember, if your labs were drawn within 4 weeks after you discontinued your meds, your thyroid levels will still be altered (not at true baseline levels). Good luck in sorting this out. I am SO "hip to your struggle"...((((((((HUGZ)))))~MM

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by thelma201, Apr 30, 2010
thanx so much for your input : ) is thyroid for sure. i have hashimoto's. i know the hypo causes depression.the run around from uneducated doc's doesn't help it one bit!! i was dx'd 4 years ago..very symptomatic and blamed it on perimenopause. i have never, in all that time gone off of t4, but my labs are never in a good best lab was in 12/09 my tsh actually went UNDER 2.0 for the first time.t4 free 1.2 lab range: 0.8-1.8  t3 free 2.9 lab range: 2.3-4.2...they use the old tsh ranges, so i don't even think these are valid. in 03/10 i was back up to  tsh 4.01 range: 0.50-5.20 and my free t4 back to 1.1 free t3 i may have been all along having low end free t3. nobody looked at it until i demanded it last fall when the tsh went over 7.0...the free t3 was below norm, they just gave me more now i'm on 150mcg t4, and i think i need some t3..but as you can see by my first journal post it's not being given any's "in range" seems all that matters to them. i wish i had someone to call for t3 or even armour, nope. last doc i saw didn't even know what t3 was. i have an appnt. for early june with a new doc, got my fingers crossed........ty for the (((((HUGZ))).and right back atchya..i hope you continue to do well ( i read a few of your posts and a bit of your journal)  Thelma

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