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Apr 30, 2010 - 4 comments

I think it was the comedian Larry the Cable Guy who popularized the saying "Git-er-done."  We used to love the Nike ad which said "Just Do It."  I had that one under my medical school yearbook picture.  Both phrases hit home with me because I try to be a man of action.  I find great joy in getting things done and I guess that's why I sometimes have a hard time taking it easy on vacation.  (That is something I'm really working on though - so I don't get burned out someday.)

Last week, one of my cataract surgery patients had to take a cab to the surgery center, since her family lived far away and she didn't have a ride. Her surgery went perfectly well, but I discovered that the surgery center had a policy of not releasing patients to go home in a cab by themselves.  After much discussion, no one could find anyone to come and take her home, so I had her wait 30 minutes until I finished my last case, and I took her home in my minivan.  She had a very safe driver (me), a very safe vehicle (5-star rated Sienna) and we had a nice little chat.

It's not something I do everyday.  I did the same thing last year for a cataract surgery patient that drove in by himself from out of town and stayed at the cute little motel near my office.  Sometimes you just have to get things done and it's nice to be able to help.

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by caren123, Apr 30, 2010
How nice!  This is a great story, I love your opening quotes, and I am a fan of yours at the Eye Care forums!

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by sk123, Apr 30, 2010
Wow, that was so nice of you. Love doctors who really care about their patients.

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by Sallysmart, May 04, 2010
funny story to add to this, I had severe pains years ago from a gallstone that had been  missdiagnosed for a while and by this time I was on a waiting list for surgury, the pain would be like someone squeezing all the stuff in my chest and twisting it up and when I went to ER they would give me a whole bunch of fun stuff in an iv that would kill almost all of the pain but leave me totally stupid and happy for a day. The Hospital wont let you go homethat way either with out someone who can say they will take you and keep an eye on you. I was single at the time but had many friends who just didnt seem to be home when the nurse tried to call them to come for me, or I was giving her the wrong numbers,,,who knows,,, Anyway after many attempts to get out of there the the nurse had to get other stuff done and she said she'd be back to help me try again, I told her  I'd keep trying on my cell phone but I gave it to my friend before I came here, She looked at me in a funny way with a little smile and said,,,Why dont we call that number???, I got to go home! Funny what drugs will do to you.

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by jan17, May 22, 2010
You must be one  AWESOME DOC:-))

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