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Finally, somewhat of an answer

May 01, 2010 - 2 comments


Well all of that weird abdominal pain I was having turned out not to be any kind of kidney stone, infection, or failure of any sort, nor was it any kind of gallbladder problem (although I am not convinced my gallbladder won't turn out to be a problem for me one day).  I was finally sent to a competent OB-GYN who, in five minutes, said what I have been saying for the past four years- that there's a good chance that I have endometriosis!  I have a laparoscopy scheduled in a few weeks during which they are going to remove an apparently significant cyst and anything else they might find.  I very much like this doctor.  She said she doesn't care what it takes, she is going to figure out what is causing this pain.  The first day I saw her, she even told me not to thank her until she made me better.  =0)

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by cmross1108, Sep 25, 2014
I know it's been awhile and you might not even be around on this site anymore, but how was your surgery? Did they find endo? I'm having the same right side pain from my ribs down to my groin. It started in the upper right though, and spread down to the groin. They thought it was gallbladder or kidneys as well, but urinalysis, blood word, ultrasound and HIDA scan were all "normal". Now I'm worried about endo. Just curious to see how you've been.

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by chrisbobby, Mar 31, 2020
well I am a guy and I have almost all the same symptoms so I don't know what to think

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