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Rusty has oral surgery next Tuesday. $600.00+

Feb 10, 2016 - 2 comments

So I took Rusty to the vet yesterday. He has periodontal disease, even with all the brushing. He needs three teeth pulled on the top left. He also has a huge tumor like lump on his throat, right side. Could be benign or malignant, needs biopsy to find out, Or we can judt get it removed, For the next ten days he is on a course of heavy duty anti-biotics, then we proceed from there. I am just sick about it, he is only seven years old.I am going to see if our local aspca clinic can offer it cheaper.He is expert at hiding when he is sick or hurting but I knew this was coming. Thank God my son Michael loves Rusty too because he said 'Put it all on my credit card mom: Poor baby! I am blessed to have Michael to help Rusty.The vet says that with two couses of the antis the infaction and lump should disappear but it's just a temporary fix, just to prep for surgery.
Rusty acts like he is under the weather half the time, half he runs around like a puppy, only when the puppy is watching him though, lol' (never let em see ya sweat"
Anyway that's what's happening here, I will post updates. xxOO Darla <3

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by opus88, Feb 10, 2016
Oh poor Rusty, he must be hurting :( my Sami has had this oral surgery 3 times now and perhaps again this year again. Sending Rusty my prayers that this Tumor is benign, keep us posted

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by breezytoo, Feb 12, 2016
The vet gave him a shot of steroid and sent antibiotics to take at home, the lump on his neck is gone, don't know why or how but I hope it stays away. Next Tuesday, Rusty get surgery and our rat terrier is getting spayed so this will look like a hospital around here! Poor babys. Love

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