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A lack of balance, grace and general coordination - 28w3d

May 04, 2010 - 1 comments

Just lately I've been feeling like a bit of a fool. I mean, I know we are supposed to start waddling in the 3rd trimester but I seriously walk like one of the penguins (in suits) out of Mary Poppins! If you imagined someone imitating a pregnant walk but over the top to make it funny- that is me. Sometimes I wonder why I don't see anyone pointing and laughing. And I'm only 28 weeks!

So last night I was trying to woo DH, who was insisting that he was tired and couldn't be bothered. Not letting this dissuade me at all I am sitting on the bed trying to remove my knickers (no easy feat at 28 weeks as you all know) when I FELL OF THE BED! OMG! I luckily managed to throw an arm out just in time and fell on my wrist instead of my belly. So there I am lying on the floor feeling like a complete incompetent idiot while hysterically part laughing part crying when DH races around the bed to see if I am ok.

"Gee, that was lucky!" he says..  And I think what on earth was lucky about falling off the bed? My brain wasn't quite working yet which might of had something to do with the bump it had just received. Eventually I realised that he means it was lucky I didn't land on my belly or hurt the baby.

That REALLY made me think. How scary! The safety of my baby relies not on my usual physical competence and sense of balance, (which has stopped me falling over or off anything since I was a child) but solely on the presence of 'luck' which will hopefully be around at the next incident! Someone out there overlooked some serious design flaws when creating us!

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by k10road, May 04, 2010
Too funny!!!!

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