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There's no place like hold.

May 07, 2010 - 3 comments

My trip to the neurologist on Thursday 5/6/2010 turned out much as I had expected.  My symptoms are quite mild lately.  My tests show nothing notable.  My MRI is essentially unchanged in 15 months (and this was the most topsy-turvy 15 months of my life, in several respects).

Doc E said I might have MS, but he doesn't think so.  Evidence developed so far is minimal, but doesn't point strongly that direction.

He said I might have some kind of migraine variant, but that there's even less evidence of that -- none, in fact.  He said calling it migraine would be an easy way out (Yes, he really said that!) because it can't be proven or disproven, but that there's probably no point in further attempts to treat something that there's no reason to believe I have, the way the last neuro was so insistent we should do.

Very brief exam was normal.  Gait's good, balance seems okay much of the time, visual problems seem minimized for now.

Sum total?  Have another MRI in a year, unless there's a significant relapse or new symptoms between now and then.  Maybe that will show something, and maybe there's some diagnostic miracle just waiting to be discovered in the intervening months.

Meanwhile, I figure I have a church to lead, a family to love, and an income to find.  There are places worse than limboland.

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by Lulu54, May 07, 2010
It is refreshing to hear a doctor back away from the easy way out.  Now I just wish there was a solid answer for you - but it sounds like limboland could be a lot worse for you.

Keep feeling better - I'm glad your symptoms are calm.

be well, L

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by deborah0904, May 07, 2010
I'm so sorry you are still in limbo.  I know how frustrating that is.  Prayers.

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by PastorDan, May 07, 2010
Thank you both.  Guess maybe I started that "Acceptance" health page for myself as well as for everyone.  I'll read it again sometime in the next few days; I might have thoughts to edit or add...  For now, I'm all right, and thankful.

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