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I'll talk to you

May 08, 2010 - 0 comments

Since I feel fairly certain you're not going to lash out at me.

I woke up and the house was quiet. I went back to sleep. Eventually showered and went to pick up my dress. Had to have it pulled back in, and have boobs put in so it would stay up while allowing me to breath. It truly wasn't an asthetic decision, I just want to be able to wear my dress, you know?

I got back and me and steve got ready and went to Shei's house. We all went to the MSPCA and looked at Alex the ferret. He is headed home with her when he's feeling better.
Later my mother makes the comment that she shouldn't be buying more animals because of her baby, since clearly her priorities were out of place.

We came back to Shei's and they played San Andreas and I fell out of the loop like I always seem to and I'm such an idiot the best thing for me to do at that point is close my eyes and shut up. I mean it.
We went back to Steve's after and I felt horrible for ruining it. Everything I friggin say is out of place.

He is still upset he's only making 8 dollars an hour. I just want to shake him and tell him he's so lucky he's making that much. Since he enjoys what he's doing and who he's doing it with, seriously? While I work a ****** job I hate for less money that is no less "dangerous" than his, and I don't go asking for a promotion. And then he talks like my job is lower than his because I work for a place with many workers and since he's only one of a few it's not ridiculous for him to want more money, while I said I would be fired if I did  that. And he says he's not doing apprentice work, he's working same as the other men and he's absolutely certain they're making about 25 an hour. Well? I just can't stand him being upset for the money he's getting. Get some patience. I saved up for two years for a car, and he's mad he can't get this expensive guitar pedal after a week of work.
Ugh I'm just tired of him downing on me and getting defensive, like I'm trying to say he isn't working hard or something. I just hate that he thinks his work is above mine and clearly I don't understand how things REALLY are.

We watched Law Abiding Citizen, until Rex started crying really loudly. I feel so bad, he's obviously in pain. I think it's his back right leg, no question. They can't seem to figure it out and well I just hope he's ok. I don't like to see big "scary" dogs like Rex crying and wanting hugs. It's unsettling.

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