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Happy Mothers Day to all moms past, present and future

May 09, 2010 - 1 comments

I never thought i would be included in the celebration of Mothers Day. I feel extremly blessed today, and at the same time heartbroken for all of those desperatly trying to be mothers. While this is such a happy, celebrated time for alot of women it is also one of the hardest days for those TTC.. and people that so easily get pregnant do not realize this.
Praying everyday for my medhelp friends, sister, and coworkers, that still have not gotten their miracle yet, may their day come real soon.

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by krey, May 09, 2010
Im so happy for you.. reading this made me cry. Some people are so blessed and dont realize it like youve said. When you want something so bad and finally you get it it must be the best feeling in the world. Im so happy that you can celebrate this day. I know I will be able to celebrate mothers day soon, just not this one unfortunatly. I lost my baby friday at 7w1d, Im having a hard time coping with it bc the way it happened was very traumatic. However, I am going to try my hardest to not be sad on this day and instead be happy for all those women who have tried and have finally become mothers like yourself. God bless! This is a happy day for you so go celebrate!

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