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Physio/Needle cushions

May 10, 2010 - 0 comments

I saw my physio today, he is not happy with my progress. I am doing the physio everyday as assigned, however I seem to have hit a plateau. If I do slighltly too much then I get lots of pain and the ankle swells up.(The tingly/numb/increased senistivity between my big and second toe seem to be getting worse as well). The amount of movement I have has increased but the pain is the same. At least it is not so general since i had surgery. It is in much more specfic spots in my ankle rather than all over. The pain in my heel is getting worse again but I was expecting that to happen once I got more mobile. It feels a bit like when you have a stone in your shoe but oon the inside. The burny pain around the back of my ankle is back too and is traveling up my calf again.

So the physio has changed my routine, I am now to do 10 mins on the bike twice a day and streches once a day in the morning when I get up. He also said to start using Wii fit everyday and to design a general routine based around what I can do. I agree with him that generally getting fitter and stronger is a good thing. I did one this morning and saved it so I can do it everyday. I am also to go for a walk everyday he suggested picking a route that takes about half an hour to do that is not too hilly. Once I can do this comfortably I should time myself on the route a few times and work out an average. Then the next week try and take 2mins off the average.

He is also giving me a course of acupuncture to try and calm the pain down so I can push myself a bit with the exercise and walking. I am a bit sceptical about this as it did not do a lot last time, but as always am willing to try anything! I had the first session this morning, I don't feel any benefit from it so far.

I wonder how many people realise how lucky they are just to be able to stand/walk without pain and difficulty? It's so limiting not being able to walk/stand/run etc without pain. I often find myself wondering if I would have lived my life differently if I had known that by the time I was 25 I would be in pain all the time.

Still I must not forget that many more people have much more pain and discomfort then I do so in that respect I am lucky!

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