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Weight loss/accupuncture session 2

May 12, 2010 - 0 comments

I got on the scales and am down to 14'8! I am very happy about this, I am so glad my girlfriend talked me into starting weight watchers. I was 17 stone when I started in september. The best part is, it hasn't seemed hard at all. The only difficult part was at the start with getting used to weighing out everything and working out the points for meals I cook. I don't even have ot think about it now. It's just annoying I can't do more exercise like cycling or swimming the weight would come off much faster if I could and I would feel much better I think. Still Wii fit is going ok been doing it since the start of the week. I have been warming up by doing 10mins on the bike and then doing a yoga/muscle workout which takes about a half hour. It has made my ankle swell up a bit but the physio said that should be expected. So I just have to keep up the motivation, It is certainly a more fun way of doing rehab than painful strches and the like. It has taken a bit of tweaking with some of the positions so I can do them without too much pain.

Had second round of accupuncture today, it went well I guess. It makes me get very sleepy when the needles are in and it's very relaxing in. I am sceptical of how effective it will be to reducing pain and stuff but it's nice so don't mind going.

I am feeling much more positive today as well which always helps!

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