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Hopkins vs here

Jul 30, 2008 - 1 comments

I called my insurance and the good news is that they will cover the surgery (albeit a $300 copay) either at Hopkins or here at the local hospital. The bad news is, when I called my doctor's office yesterday, the secretary for the surgeon was kind of trying to get me off the phone and wasn't being real cooperative. I asked if she could look on my  chart or even ask the doctor if he had consulted with the doc at Hopkins yet, and she said the surg. was not in until Friday, so "you might as well just keep your appt. on Friday." I asked again for her to look at my chart. She just ignored me and asked me again just to keep my appt. After Tony (friend on here) said that his doc wouldve had him on bedrest by now...and here i am working 2 jobs and he didnt even restrict my activities! I wonder...    They are the ones (the dr's offc) who alarmed me in the first place saying "don't put this off" you need surgery "asap" but when I call to see if they contacted Hopkins (Baltimore) yet, they tell me to keep my freaking appointment! The surg. was going to consult Dr. Cameron at Johns-Hopkins anyway and in our first convo he mentioned that I might opt to go there for the surgery, although he assured me he was comfortable doing the surgery.  So now I'm thinking,  I can get it done here, when the surgeon has a stellar reputation and the hospital here DOES NOT, in fact they have been cited a few times and on my husband's visit to their ER he contracted MRSA....or I can go to Hopkins 2 hrs from me where the surgeons and the hospital (#1 in Nation US News and World Report 2008) both have stellar reputations, I'm thinking now I want to go to Hopkins. So I told the secretary that, and I told her the surgeon's urgency that I get this done soon, and that I really would rather know if he talked to them yet so we can get me in there asap and she tells me to keep my freaking appt!  UGH...meanwhile, off to job #2 I go...

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by Squarewheel, Jul 30, 2008
Nice to know i'm not an isolated case!  It would be interesting to see how they would be in the same situations! patient? I doubt it!!!
I was told to go in for my reveal explant at 8am last Fri, I didn't go into surgery until 1pm, I had to keep teling them I could still feel them cutting then I passed out! (they refused to enethetise me as I would need a bed for longer!!
I think these people forget were human and not just a number/slab of meat!

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