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day 10 off Methodone

May 19, 2010 - 2 comments

methodone cancer

Well I guess I should have wrote my first time that I'm using Norco from my doctor because of the Cancer I just got done with Chemo...I was not being Given Methodone and I did not and do not want Pain Meds running my life any more of Feeling Bad about myself, I Sure hope I'm write and that it won't be so bad to get off the Norco...
Ug...Feel Free to talk to me, Thanks

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by 13leaf, Apr 13, 2014
Hi I'm on day 14 off a 100 mill of methadone . How are u feeling

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by suzannez222, Apr 18, 2014
Hi! Methadone is extremley addictive and hard too get off so are you saying you have abrubtly stopped 100 mls ! If you have how long were you on it as well most people would be in severe withdrawel if you are tolerating it well done !! As for its se in cancer it can be given in smaller doses for intractuble cough but there is better pain relief options than methadone available ,its used for mostly opiate abuse or terminal cough a. I wish both of you best of luck !!!

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