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Walking 30 before Breakfest and Zumba Fitness CD's

May 20, 2010 - 0 comments

1200 Calories a Day upto no more then 1300
30 min walk before breakfest
Follow the Zumba Fitness CD's

Easy program and lots of fun.   My goal is 6 lbs by 6/8th currently I am weighing 191 lbs.  and on 6/8/2010 I would like to weigh 185 lbs.  

A quick fun dinner was

1 flour tortilla
1/4 or 1 tblspn of Avacado
6 slices of cucumber
2 oz of shreaded pork cooked with natural herbs
1 slice of jalapeno jack cheese
6 med. size strawberries
20 oz of water with lemon juice.

Best wishes to all

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