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A Whole New Level of Stress

May 22, 2010 - 0 comments




It was taped to our front door yesterday: NOTICE OF FORECLOSURE.

Even though we have been paying into a temporary mortgage modification program and haven't missed a month, our deed to the house was apparently sold from underneath us 9 months ago to a company in California who now intends to auction our home June 9, 2010 to the highest bidder. Which means, at that point, we are marked for eviction.

With a partner in a wheelchair, 2 cats, and both of us unemployed for over a year and less than $80 to our name at the moment, suddenly we're faced with having to find a place a wheelchair can get into...and a place that accepts almost no notice. My partner's sister has been supporting us financially and this news is not going to go over well, as moving and storage costs on top of rental costs will soon be coming into the picture.

The house, admittedly, was too big for just the two of us and there were a couple rooms that were hardly ever used along with a pool in the backyard that has been seeing more traffic from passing leaves than people. I was prepared to downsize, but my partner was stubborn in keeping the house. Now we're going to lose a lot more than that for reasons that could have been avoided 3 years ago.

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