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Jul 31, 2008 - 3 comments

Have any of you ever experienced implantation pain? (I've been reading about it online and, so far, have gotten mixed reviews as to whether it is even possible to actually FEEL...I'm also trying not to get my hopes up!)

Anyway, I was just in bed reading (after taking a bath, if that matters) when all of a sudden I started experiencing this VERY sharp pain in my lower abdomen (right above my girl parts). It comes and goes...but has been happening for the past 2-3 minutes.  It feels like a scalding knife is inside of me and right before I have a chance to physically react to the pain, it's gone. I experience ovulation pain pretty regularly, but it's nothing like this- that usually lasts about a second and it's not painful, just noticeable and feels a little bit higher up than this does. And it's nothing like my regular, dull achy menstrual cramps...

I'm assuming the pain is related to me coming off of birth control...or it could be nothing at all I suppose! Anyway, if my cycle stays the same as it was on birth control, I should be ovulating in about 5-6 days.

Thanks for all of the comments/advice! My doctor suggested that I may ovulate prior to my "reguarly scheduled" ovulation date after going off of birth control, so that was the only reason I even thought implantation pain MAY have occurred. We weren't really planning on using OPKs since we're already planning on having sex every day and perhaps sex twice per day during my "regularly scheduled" we/my doctor didn't really see the need? Also, since I have a suspected case of PCOS, I thought that I wouldn't be able to use OPKs since it would always show that I was in a constant state of ovulation? Anyway, thanks again guys!

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by alaskacouple, Jul 31, 2008
With your cycle at the stage it's at, and not ovulated yet, it can't be implantation.

I would guess it's your body adjusting to the absence of the birth control hormones.

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by Hope2OneDay, Jul 31, 2008
Hmmm...Your other post said that you and hubby had begun trying to make a baby. Are you using an OPK? If you think you will be ovulating in the next 5 or 6 days then you will definitely want to start using an OPK in the next few days and if you get a positive, then make sure you do the nasty at that point. If you guys already did it, and you weren't ovulating (or near ovulation) then you wouldn't be having any sort of implantation pain or bleeding.

However, if you ovulated around the time you guys did the nasty, then yes, it's possible for it to be implantation pain of some sort. My right ovary had twinges of pain around 3 or 4 days after we did the nasty (which was right around the time I ovulated). Not sure if it was necessarily implantation pain, but it DID hurt!

Does this make sense at all? :-)

151668 tn?1239921105
by Hope2OneDay, Jul 31, 2008
Ahhh...I see. Well, maybe this will be your month! Good luck!!
Don't forget, though, that the more sex you have (like every day, and especially TWICE a day...OMG, what a record that would be! :-) your hubby could end up with a lower sperm least short of the strong sperm that actually survive and are able to swim like pros. Have you heard about this before?

You may want to try every OTHER day (since the sperm can live in you for about 3 days anyway) so that there will constantly be an overlapping of "good quality" sperm available for that little egg of yours. And during the time when you're scheduled to ovulate...THEN do it once a day (or twice if you feel it would make a difference).
This is just a suggestion, though. It's your body and his sperm, so it's really all up to you! LOL

And you may want to elevate your hips slightly for about 20 minutes after doing the nasty.. Any longer than that is really not worth it. Just relax and watch some TV afterwards if you get the chance. :-)


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