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disasociative amnesia?

May 30, 2010 - 1 comments

loss time





so thursday was like a really weird day.  i had missed half a day without realizing it.  the day started off with hubby going to work, then the feeding the girls lunch, and then the girls (i have four of them) came up to me and said that they were starving.  i told them that they just had lunch, and they said for me to look at the clock.  the time went from 12 noon, to 6!  how did i miss the time?  what was i doing?  crazy!  i had an appointment with my therapist friday morning and she said that it sounded to her like it was disassociative amnesia, so now because of the holiday, i have to wait till tuesday to make an appointment with my regular doc to see if i might be having something else other than the disorder that she thinks i may have.  i dont have seizures, i do know that.  but what else can it be???

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by drifter0213, May 31, 2010
this happens to me all the time like the world passes me by my doctor said it was cuz i have addictions :)

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