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11 DPO

Jun 01, 2010 - 0 comments

11 dpo


Bleeding gums




TTC over 40


implantation bleeding


brown spotting

Today I am 11 dpo. Strange time to just start a journal I know. I can say since 9 dpo I've been really thinking I may be pregnant. On 9 dpo I experienced bleeding that only lasted for a few hours and until this day has turned to brown only when I wipe. Sometimes, when I wipe, there is nothing there at all. If I check my cervix, it's definitely there.

I haven't been having bad cramps or anything just fleeting ones here and there. Yesterday at 10 dpo I did have a few pinchy feelings in my left ovary area. Not sying it was the ovary but surely it was that area. Today, I woke up and took a shower to get rid of that barbecue smell from my body after our long cook out late Memorial's Day. I was too tired and wore out to take a shower before bed. I passed out. After taking my shower while drying off, I felt a horrible taste in my mouth and spit in the sink. Nothing but blood. I thought that only happen in early pg when you brush. It was a lot. I looked through out my entire mouth and spotted the culprit. My gums around my eye tooth. Now I'm really thinking, I could very well be pregnant.

I was not trying this cycle at all. I was mad at DH and felt like I didn't want to be pregnant anymore. I know it's that over the age 40 issue of being annoyed easily. He is really a sweet heart. However, this month we baby danced twice. five days before ovulation and the day of ovulation. Although I didn't know I was ovulating and didn't care. Now wouldn't it be funny if I am pg right when I decided I didn't want to be. (Because of my bad 41 year old attitude of course.) Anyone at my age feel like being on an island alone for six months would be HEAVEN? I'll get over it especially if I am blessed with a sticky bean (hate that word)...blessed with a beautiful implanted baby.

Good luck and blessings to all the TTC women out there. From the bottom of my heart, I hope you get your BFP really soon.

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