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Scrapbooking.....a little over board

Jun 02, 2010 - 1 comments

So I was on Ebay and looking up jolee scrapbook stickers. I found such great deals I started buying. The next thing I know I have 125 packs of stickers (some duplicates) ranging in all sorts of themes. I have made a list of all the ones I have and the ones I still want. Which surprisingly there are still a ton to buy.  With my job situation I'm not going to be able to just buy this stuff anymore. So frustrating!!  I plan on selling the duplicates on Ebay to fund the purchase of the ones I still need or some would say want.

I have all the pages planned in my head all I have to do now is take the pictures of my little one. I'm getting very impatient. I want to work on this scrapbook but I don't like making pre made pages I like to coordinate the page color with the pictures and everything else.

I haven't bought any paper yet because I usually buy the single pages and go by what the pictures are. I know it's cheaper to buy the theme paper packs.  I spent an hour in JoAnn's looking at all the different paper packs and couldn't find one that I liked enough to buy.

I have two other books I need to work on. One of pictures from a trip to Hawaii in 02 and two summers of boating pictures. However I haven't really bought any of the embellishments for these books like I did for the baby book.

We don't really have any pictures of Steven and I. I wish we did but we just don't really do much. We went bowling last weekend and I tried to get some pictures of us doing that.  I like to BBQ and plan on getting some good pictures of us this summer hanging out BBQ'n.  

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by Mommashelley1, Jun 22, 2010
I’m just like you.. Well I was when I found out I was Prego with my DD (now 22mths) I went scrap book crazy at Michaels. But then I found out half the stuff I needed I wouldn’t really use. For a while and they always come out with newer cuter things so after I got in the swing of keep in up with the book and updating it on time. I figured out a good rhythm. Have the event print the pictured. Then go get the stickers and pages just for that event that way you know you have the right color pages just enough stickers and you don’t go broke. You mentioned the themed page packs I don’t get the themes but I get the mulit color packs and multi color swirl packs. I also bought some scissors with different scalloped edges to make picture borders. if I know a big event is coming up and I know I wont be able to go get the paper anytime soon ill go ahead and get the stickers but hold of on the paper I may have some that will go great with them.

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