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Jun 04, 2010 - 0 comments








The entry labeled for the second was actually my journal for the first, on the second Joe came, and everything was fine till about an hour after he left my mom finally came home after she had left without telling me where she was going, which would mostly be no big deal except the only times in she ever leaves without telling me where she is going is when she is either very angry or she is gonna go do something dangerous and put her life on the line (this could be anything from going to visit the person who has abused her many times to going out just for the purpose of harming herself) she has attempted suicide many many times since I was born I remember all the tears I shed because she would try to kill herself. which is very hard on a kid, anyway I am not a kid anymore but I still love her and she is so unpredictable I become very worried when she leaves like that I asked her when she came home where she had been I told her I was worried about her, she admitted that once again she had put her life on the line and been over to visit her abuser, nothing happened this time but I can not seem to get her to understand that it is very dangerous for her to go over there alone if she wants to see the evil one she needs to take someone with her who can protect her. So anyway it all turned into an argument and this turned out to be a very bad day. The pic below is of my mom with a black eye caused by her evil abuser. On the third mom was still angry and I had an upset stomach so that day did not go well either.

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