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images of befriending a ex

Jun 28, 2016 - 0 comments

I read stories of how exes have helped each other out in times of struggle just because there was kids involved and they wanted to see the other taken care of. IT warms my heart and I wish more people would talk about these positive stories. I hate hearing bitter stories of exes fighting especially when there are kids in the situation.
When there are kids then I think even the most bitter relationships should try to rise above it all. Thats what I am doing and I had the worst relationship that I ever heard. My ex was not nice to me when we were married for the majority of the time. But I managed to see how he loves our kids and use that as a positive point to change what my intuition tells me to do into something more positive. Whenever I help my ex with the kids I feel happiness and pride and those good oxytoxins come to my brain. But When I feel angry at him and act on it then the bad cortisol just storms through me and makes me feel anxious, irritable and tense.
I hope that I can have a peaceful co parenting relationship with him.
Some points I want in it:
We help each other buy things that will enrich the kids lives
We communicate clearly and efficiently on new needs and accomplishments regarding the kids
We come to a point where we can share time with the kids on holidays and special occasions
We except the new partners of each other openly and with respect

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