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tummy like a balloon!

Jun 08, 2010 - 3 comments






today i don't know why, if it's bloating or something i've eaten, but my tummy has just felt like a balloon all day and for the last couple of days too. but today it was so bad. i felt so full of air. I took some settlers for it. that helped a bit but it came back just the same.

My breasts are still a bit sore but not too bad and i've been so irritable with people. couldn't get much work done as every little thing was just annoying. i went for a walk in my lunch break to see if that helped, but i was just tired.

but when i saw DH after work i was happy again and we BD (i wanted too). then i was grumpy again about something else.

I dunno whats wrong with me, it could be PMS i guess - but i'm not a nice person to be with at the mo. Sorry everyone

How long is this going to take?
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by natashajay, Jun 09, 2010
Oh babe, i think you need a bigggg hug, but im afraid you might hit me ha ha ha. No seriously i have to post this its from a book im reading, you'll have to get a copy its called The best friends guide to pregnancy (or everything the doctor won't tell you) its by Vicki Iovine any how it reads..."another indication that you might be pregnant can be the feeling that you are losing your mind, or at least some vague control of your emotions. you may feel as though you have a monster case of PMS." it goes on..."one time my husband calmly put me in the car and drove me to his therapist after i tried to knock his head off by throwing a book across the room. (believe me when i say this behavior was not only uncharateristic of me, it was absolutely unacceptable to him)"    it goes on as she tells us about her friends and describes their pregnancy hormonal probs too,she has written this book as tho she's sat there telling you the truth about pregnancy using her own four pg's as examples as comparing with many of her friends experiences, its really humourous in paces i was laughing sooooo much in the bath yesturday...but the point is..ITS OK TO FEEL THE WAY YOU ARE RIGHT NOW xx so don't worry babe, can i send you that big hug now?
oh and have you HPT yet?

1240856 tn?1333440354
by loved29, Jun 09, 2010
thanks jay, i'll have that hug please. i'm feelng much less of a psyco today. i'm just a work wth the children. i've not tested yet...i'll wait to see if AF arrives on saturday. yesterday i really thought that maybe  was but this morning i had a pain like the curling AF pain so i'm not so sure.

1301836 tn?1305621815
by natashajay, Jun 09, 2010
Oh my goodness you have to read this book, you wouldn't feel so psycho, honestly, just reading your posts im laughing as i can "see" the words from this book in my head, this woman tells it like it is and its so comforting!  i know how you feel tho, my diary from 3rd pg i had what i thought was period pains etc but as i said i had 3rd babe on way so our bodies are just messing wiv r minds... ahh im sending you the biggest hug ever! and fingers crossed for no AF!

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