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quitting forum

Aug 04, 2008 - 3 comments

i cant beleive people can be so cruel, just because i wanted to kill myself dont throw that back in my face thats really low i just wanted people to be treated the way they would like to be treated.too many cruel people here some people dont get it they think they are above everyone else & dont care who the hurt

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by 4afriend, Aug 04, 2008
I'm sorry to hear that you're quiting the forum.  It's a good place for people to be able to come and get the needed support to get off and to stay off of any drug.  Finding your way through an addiction is a difficult time for anyone despite what their addiction is.  Suicide or the thought of suicide I'm sure isn't unheard of for those of us who have been there.  Because of that reason, I find it hard for someone to throw that back at you.  What I can see however, is that if you came here and said something to that nature on a forum..I can see a lot of people here worrying for and about you.  I can also see that if you didn't respond back or talk to anyone during your need...and they sat here wondering and worrying..I can see that people may be a bit put off by that.  People here have been there and done it...they know where you are and the challenge that it is.  But when those very people offer out support and concern, it's important for them to know that its not wasted and that it's getting acknowledged in some way.  You're not the only person who has gone through this...but you are the only person who can fix your problem.  We can only offer you support and encouragement.  Just like any support or any's a two way street...i can help you...but you gotta be serious and let me...know what I mean?  Best of luck to you

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by christine2222, Aug 04, 2008
No this person did'nt care. you can see she posted shes so happy about it.I don't know why she feels it a game she has to win. She truly doesnt care. I am just too vulerable to be attacked like that. I don't need negative people in my life.I cant beleive i was attacked for being suicidal.some people have no consuious & dont care who they hurt as long as there right

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by Jacqui805, Aug 05, 2008
Sometimes, when we have our own issues, we don't necessarily see the whole picture clearly.  We can be needy when we have issues, that cause us to be manipulative, in order to get those needs met, whether intentional, or not.  If someone has been helping us all along, and suddenly says something we don't like or that rubs us wrong, we usually have no reason to think it was mean of this person, their intentions have most likely not changed.  Although we sometimes don't like what we hear, it would often do us well to consider the words wisely.  

It would also do us well, besides considering intentions, to listen whole-heartedly to our friend, after we've accused them of intentionally hurting us.  We can become hell-bent on the idea that someone has tried to derail us, when in fact, we are the ones who're now causing hurt to our friend.  When we accuse someone unjustly, without really considering the matter first, it is us who are causing the pain.  We must also remember, that when we have issues, we often read into things, in ways that make us feel badly, with no basis for these resulting thoughts and feelings...we need to sit back and really consider whether a mood was even meant for us to begin with...much like an astological report, they can be easy to fit what we're going through, and sometimes make you think it's about you, when in fact, it is NOT about you at all...

When someone is trying to help us, we may not always like what they have to say....but a true friend will say to themselves, that in order to help us, they have to risk problems you may have with their statement anyway and just say it.  I have rarely seen a cruel person here.  Usually when we think someone's been cruel, it's the result of us being vulnerable and often knowing in our own heads that what someone's said is true, and it bothers us.  

If in fact, you have been truly attacked, you can always report it to MedHelp.  

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