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June 10th

Jun 10, 2010 - 0 comments






lets see. today.. i'm a bit irritable, worried with some anxiety. Which stinks because the boss is  away today and it would be a perfect day to sit back and read or nap.. but no.. i have to be jittery and worried.   I've been worrying and obsessing over how we're going to deal with the phone plan tim and i share. I've been thinking of just sending hin a check once a month for my half of the bill until i can separate out on my own plan next Feb. But then that means i have to see him next Feb. And why is he not worried about settling out the phone plan and all the other things we share like the cable bill, bank cards, etc.? Ugh. anyways.. Im just so tired today. I took my Seroquel at the usual time last night, but im just so so tired today. I hope the rest of the day gets better, i really do.

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