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Redness in eyes, only in my apartment/reacting to detergent?

Jul 23, 2016 - 0 comments






Hello! I've had problems with my eyes being red for a long time now. They're not a lot red, but they're not normal either. They're only red in the eye's white part. I had a severe reaction to a friend's clothes detergent once, she had a really cheap detergent from canada (she visited me where I live here in Sweden). I got something close to an eye infection from her detergent, and I got it both times she visited me.

That was some years ago and it never happened again until last november when I moved into a new apartment. Here, you can't choose what detergent to put into the machines, it's automatic. I started getting reactions similar to when my friend visited, so I started using my parent's washing machine, since I didn't have any problems while I lived at home. It got a bit better after that, but I'm still always red in my eyes while I'm in my apartment. I don't know what it is, I've taken all kinds of allergy tests that I could get. I've been to the doctor's and they don't care. I've tried treatments for dry eyes, I've tried stronger treatments, but nothing works. I really don't want to move, it's super hard to get an apartment where I live.

Does anyone else have an allergy to clothes detergent where you get an eye reaction? What can this be? Please help. Thank you.

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