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Light Thumping.

Jun 15, 2010 - 3 comments

Felt something lastnight while laying on my left side. I can only explain it has a light thumping. Can't feel it with my hand but I can feel it inside. 14 weeks today. I felt it 3-4 times lastnight & today. I read it is possible to feel a light thumping or the squirmies at this point in time. Has anyone else felt this, this early in time?? I'm very excited!! I don't think its gas bubbles, this is a feeling I have NEVER felt before.

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by enolia, Jun 21, 2010
I am not sure yet but I am feeling something from time to time, I am trying to make sure right now :)
The theory is you are supposed to start feeling baby between week 16 and week 22 but maybe earlier especially if it is not your 1st pregnancy and if you are thin...Why not!? :)

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by TrickyTrenz83, Jun 22, 2010
Yeah, its not all the time. Just sometimes. Its very light but you can feel something going on. lol. I'am 15 weeks today. Started  feeling it sometime last week. This is not my first Pregnancy. But the first was not for very long. I lost it at like 3-4 weeks along. I'am a thin girl, so I have been feeling a lot of pulling in my left side. Told the doctor & he said its nothing to worry about, just the baby growing & making room. :) How have you been feeling?? Do you have some thumping as well??

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by natashajay, Jul 12, 2010
ive had 3 children and thats a definate baby!!!! it gets to a sort of fluttery feel a bit further along, its trampolining off the soft womb side! congrats and enjoy xx

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