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CD 25 DPO 6

Jun 17, 2010 - 1 comments

The wait is absolutely killing me. I started my OPK on the 1st of June and was completely crushed by the 10th. I had taken 10 tests of my clearblue easy digital ovulation kit and still no smiley face. :( I had almost lost all hope but at 8:00 AM on the 11th, I got my smiley face!!!!!!!!!!!!! The husband and I did the deed that evening. I couldn't believe I was ovulating so late in my cycle (CD 19). I also took one more test the next morning to see if the smiley face was still there. It wasn't, so I hope that we were right on our timing. I also noticed more of a clear discharge in my undies all day on the 11th. I have noticed wacky periods since I have been tracking my cycle from September of '09. I am not sure if I would be considered irregular but I average between a 30 and 31 day cycle. I am due for my period on the 23rd (next Wednseday) and I am going absolutely crazy every day. I have also been reading as much as I can and on forums and sometimes that is proving to be a little discouraging at times. I almost had myself convinced that I had PCOS. I guess one can research too much. LOL I hope my period doesn't show and I get a postivie on a home pregnancy test. Keep your fingers crossed. I know I am. :)

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by Ricki128, Aug 26, 2010
If your periods are 30-31 days I dont think thats irregular...I have read anything over 35 days may be considered so...and a variation each month can also be irregular. Like mine vary from 30-42 days :( its soooo frustrating..but I started a herbal supplement this month that is supposed to help regulate it...we shall see! I hope you get your bfp this month (August) =)

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