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musing on tramadol, xanax, and gabapentin....

Aug 18, 2016 - 0 comments

so anyone who read anything from me knows I like my narcotics....prefer vicodin but tramadol is easy to get so thats what I battled most....and I have gone through withdrawal four times i think since i joined here...i have withdrawn from tramadol 7-8 times and run the gamut of ways to do....taper has less side effects but takes more discipline...cold turkey on its own...very rough...severe insomnia and rls....but twice now I have decided to up the craziness and withdraw from xanax as I dont like xanax but I do liek to sleep so I would take it at night...i can tell horror stories about daily withdrawal from nightly xanax...but the comob withdrawal of xanax and thats a real treat...the anxiety is real and since I am never anxious normally I am able to recognize it for what it is ...doesnt mean it doesnt make me horribly uncomfortable and snappish but i know it wont last...versus those who take xanax for anxiety and are not sure if their anxiety on withdraw is symptoms returning or loss of drug...I feel for anyone that lives with anxiety...but that I know is short lived....its the insomia, the rls and the fatigue that kills me. I have so much at work, so many relying on me...then my family much to do that withdrawal always seemed...selfish...

so gabapentin....the wonder drug of the rehab community...minimizes opiate and benzo withdrawal...super! and it really does...i quit xanax and three days later quit tramadol...i took gabapentin mostly at nigh but a could times during the day....and I could still train for tough mudder, still sleep at least some....wasnt crying and showering with severe rls, sweating all good right? nope....then you get to stop the gabapentin....i took very little and tapered and i wish I had never started it....been 15 days since last tramadol but only six since last gabapentin...feeling less bad today but it has been a freaky ride....i woulndt advise anyoen take gabapentin..unless the tram train has you so bad you just cant quit....but try....just try

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