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My B9 Tuna

Jun 21, 2010 - 1 comments

After having a CT scan on my back for sciatic pain, a 6 cm complex cyst was found on my left ovary. I had a partial hysterectomy about 10 yrs ago. I was sent to a gyny, the radiologist and my doctor both said anything around 6 cm is an indication of ovarian cancer. My CA125 blood test was within normal range, (18) the gynecologist suggested we keep an eye on the cyst with 3 monthly ultra sounds. At my next scan, the woman seemed pre occupied and quickly scanned my abdomen and declared it all clear, no cyst.
I was skeptical, where had it gone, it was complex so surely I would have noticed a discharge or felt pain. I don’t have a period, so I would have noticed. But they are the professionals, so I happily accepted that it was gone. 6 months later the hospital sent me a letter for a follow up check, so I arranged another scan. The cyst had not gone, it had doubled in size, and it was now 12 cm x 7o cm. I had blood tests as well. My CA125 levels were 140.
Back at the hospital, apparently my ovaries had fallen into the cavity where my uterus once was, the lady doing the scan assumed the cyst was my uterus.
The specialist checked the RMI points. “Risk of Malignancy Index”.
Under 25 points = low risk of malignancy
Between 25 and 250 points =medium risk
Over 250 points = high risk of malignancy
My score was 420
To my relief, I was sent to the Mater Hospital in Brisbane, The Mater is the main hospital for cancer treatment in our state. The thought of my local hospital operating on me was scary.
My gynecologist at Mater was wonderful, He didn’t throw around the C word unnecessarily. I was booked in for surgery within 3 weeks of seeing him.
Now I have to say, I was scared, I tried not to be, I tried to stay positive. There was no history of ovarian cancer or breast cancer in my family. I had contrast CT scans, ultra scans, chest x-rays, blood tests, all were apparently clear, and there was no indication that any other organs were affected. So I clung to that positive. If it was ovarian cancer then hopefully it was confined to the ovaries and treatable. Its no good worrying about something that cant be changed, what will be will be.
I had to stay positive, I have 4 children who lost their father to lung cancer just 5 yrs ago, my sons wife just lost her mother to cancer 6 months ago. I didn’t want to worry them unnecessarily
But in my quiet moments, the tears would flow and I would be gripped with fear. But only for a moment, I refused to give in to negativity.
I had my surgery on Friday 18th June 2010. The surgeon spoke to me before I went in, he said they will try to do it laproscopicly but if they couldn’t then they would have to cut me. It was a difficult operation, there is a lot of scar tissue from my previous hysterectomy, my ovary was adhered to my bowel and he had to shave part of my bowel as well. He removed the cyst, both ovaries and both fallopian tubes.
When I woke up he told me they sent everything to the lab while they were still working on me and the preliminary results show benign tissue.
I still have to wait for full results. But it looks good so far. I am home after 3 days in hospital and I’m feeling 100% simply because I don’t have cancer. The tender stomach and minor aches and pains are nothing compared to the good result.
We truly don’t appreciate how precious life is until we have been tested.  

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by moonpiebaby, Jun 21, 2010
Am so,so happy for you.Enjoy your new lease on life.I hate those kind of test! Its like your scared to live. Everything comes to a full stop.Now that you know whats up start to live again!! Have Fun....T~:o)

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