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What a Up and Down Day

Jun 24, 2010 - 5 comments

My life should be a soap opera.

Ok Happy Im getting new car today..sitting for 3 hrs at dealership doing paperwork etc...Love new Chevy Malibu 2010..Mocha it....while trying to do all this ..son Brandon phones (texts) Mom im so sick ....
he had been on antibiotics for 14 days..
said he couldnt breathe..he had asthma as a young child,,,sounded wheezey..I had plates off old car waiting for all this stuff for new car...he is begging me to come home..I am picturing him blue..I say have older brother take you to ER I will meet you there asap.

he says no he just wants to go to urgent care...he texts me like 5 times..Im feeling sooo worried yet Mom is sitting there Bless her heart she had cashed in a anuitty to buy me and sis each a less than 25k very very kind...the nicest thing anyones done for me ever. My van was dying the front drives seat was on one bolt wiggled when driving brakes bad etc....

so get new car excited happpy couldnt really enjoy cause had to get home for son...take him to Dr he got a chest xrayI thought pre was bronchitis,,with wheezing ear infection severe throat,,thought strep but neg.

so get him albuterol and z pack...and anti biotic shot,,,very strong stuf..Moms insisting on stopping for Chinese food on way home I wanted to apease her as shed been so stop it takes 20 min,,,kids feeling like throwing up.

get home get him settled drive mom home..kissed her said love you and how very greatfuland happy I was.

go home do some chores happy son sleeping...he gets up to take cool bath to bring temp down and help just feel better,,,,other son shouts MOM get down stairs now

I run down my freaking kitchen ceiling was leaking water bad...had to call townhomes emergency night number...thank goodness they were quick...guy said it was some circle ring thing in wall behind tub had broken in half so none my responsibility,,,no use of tub till tommrow afternnon,,,got post n pans all over kitchen floor,

then we get tornado warning not watch sons friends had been driving home heard sirens stopped in my home (good desision) so I got all these kids a sick kid..tired cause I been up since 4 am excited about car,,,

I dont know what to feel..just sharing /venting its really weird like Im estatically happy yet worried, at same time...

ahh well he has his medicine,,my ceiling will be fixed.

tommrow deal w rude insurance man who Im canceling asap...he was a jerk when I phoned him from dealership and a HIGH quote,,,so Im getting 2 or 3 other quotes tommrow

the kicker..Brandon had phoned his Dad..said Dad (n Brandon NEVER complains of health) Im soooo sick I need to go to drs now I hurt so bad and Im having trouble breathing,,,,,"  His Dad said well I cant get you Im busy working...he (ex) is anrgy cause i got new car...but to turn down HIS child in need...and he did not even call to see how he is...
I thought of texting him but did not.,.,,just shame on him.

tommrow another day gotta be more normal I hope !!

this day was too up n down..

well ty for the vent I feel better LOL

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483733 tn?1326798446
by TrudieC, Jun 24, 2010
Glad to be of service!  Wow, what a day.  You were smart not to text the ex.  Hope your son is feeling better soon and enjoy that new car.  I was just waiting for you to say he puked in it!

535822 tn?1443976780
by margypops, Jun 24, 2010
Oh boy I've had days like this well a bit differant but they say things go in three's you say most of this can be fixed, but it really gets you doesnt it when everything happens all at once ...Thats a brilliant  not.. Dad couldnt be bothered oh well you'll never change that ...its another day cherie enjoy your car and kudos to your Momma ..hope Brandon feels better today Bronchitas is no picnic .....

458072 tn?1291415186
by peggy64, Jun 24, 2010
aren't you glad that day is over and done with!! Whew! I got tired just reading....ha ha.

I hope today is totally UNeventful and you can enjoy your new "ride".......

973741 tn?1342342773
by specialmom, Jun 24, 2010
What is so interesting is that I felt your emotion as you wrote your journal.  All these things happening . . . but you were just so happy about the car!!!!  I felt your happiness about that and that made me happy too!

Just think. . . . all of that could have happened while you still had your old van. (frown).  Hope your son feels better soon and the ceiling is repaired as well!

Avatar universal
by rebel5, Jun 24, 2010
well all ill say is im glad that day is over for you xoxoxo

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