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this morning

Aug 07, 2008 - 2 comments






did not get much sleep again .. i wish the cravings would stop... its been like 2 weeks and everyone said it would get better... and it was for a while ... ecept the way i feel around others ... i hate being alone and i stress out , out in a crowed. i handle it ... and i need to go to te store ... its 8:21 am ive been up about 2 1/2 hrs. reading post ... i went to bed aroun 1am dont think i ever fully fall asleep... thinking ill get a bottle and sit and my room and drink all day ... i dont have a prob with the drinking because i dont drink alot to start with ... its just when or if i drink i want to use ... because the drinking does not get me where i want to be on its own ... its then i start looking for a means to get high ... if i can drink and not get high ... today ill be ok .. i just need to do something ... befor i go crazy ... so with that im going to get dressed and hit the store ...

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by starr14, Aug 07, 2008
OH my gosh.....You know is not that bad...and what good is going to do if you start drinking? no good at all...So what is it that you crave? Meth?? IF so, i once had a problem with that stuff..and boy was it hard for my to cut that out of my daily routine!  and anyone who can sit in their room in seclusion and drink the day away...has a problem, maby its not your drug of choice, but addicts always say 1 is never enough and 1000 is too many I thin k that is how it goes... Hey why dont you dedicate your day to either/or an aa or na meeting? That is what i thinj you should do.. I will pray for you!


561126 tn?1263237482
by crispie, Aug 07, 2008
life is not that bad at'll get better i isn't easy to begin with   its how we deal with day at atime....i am still living my life like that....god really isn't that bad

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