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NT Scan

Jun 27, 2010 - 6 comments

Had NT Scan on Wednesday, 6/23/10.  Baby measured a few days larger - no worries there.  HR was 160.  U/S Tech said she would guess boy (because what was there was sticking out), but the more I look at the pics, the more I see girl parts.  Anddddd....Nuchal fold was 1.4.  Nasal bone present.  Things looked great.  Waiting on follow up bloodwork.  Had some blood drawn that day, and then I need to go back on 7/12-7/16 some time for the second draw.  YAY!

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by pertykitty, Jun 28, 2010
great everything sounds just as it should be! how exciting, have you posted gender pics? ill check and see what i think lol.

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by adgal, Jun 28, 2010
Glad to hear all is well!  Love the sounds of those words.  

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by pertykitty, Jun 28, 2010
just checked your us pic and i vote girl! my dd looked just like that at 13 weeks too ;)

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by Heatherm4, Jun 28, 2010
Awesome news!! A boy is always good but hopefully she was just seeing things! LOL

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by waitn838, Jun 28, 2010
sounds like everything is NT was 1.3 so yours is great!!!

as for gender...prob still way to early to tell....pretty soon you should be finding out for sure...congrats !!!!

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by Jenny101407, Jun 28, 2010
Great news! YAY!.....hmmm looks like girl to me....but you just never know.....

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