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Be KIND to the nurses

Jul 02, 2010 - 2 comments

Think about it.  At your doctor's office who do you spend the most time with on average?  Who do you talk to when you call in sick?  Who really runs the doctor's office?

Take a few minutes of your visit to "visit" with the nurse and get to know them a little bit.  Be friendly with them.  Family?  Life? Interests? etc.  Always be polite to them using thank you and please liberally.  Then if you are ever blessed with free food coupons from a restaurant, pass them on the to the nurses.  They will love you!!  I do this because I do spend a lot of time there, and therefore do spend quite a bit of time with the nurses.  

"Why?" you may ask.  You may need them on your side some day.  You certainly don't want them rolling their eyes and thinking, "UGH!!  This person is bugging me on the phone again," when you call in sick.  :D  You want them to be concerned about you if you call in sick.  Also, it makes life easier while you are in the office.

This does pay off in other ways as well, but they shouldn't be your motive.  The entire nurses staff at my allergist is mad at one patient's mom because she caused me to have an asthma attack at the office, and when I quietly mentioned to the nurse that the office rules against fragrance use needs to be explained to the lady again, the lady attacked me.  Making the nurse even more mad.  She would have been mad at any patient who caused another patient to have an attack that she had to treat, but she was a little more mad that it was me and then the head nurses getting involved...  The office manager will be calling the lady and explaining the need for the policy again.  

OH... this also helps you get more free samples of medicines when you need them.  LOL...

Seriously though, being kind to the nurses at the doctor's office has many benefits.  Make them your friends.  :D

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746512 tn?1388807580
by Tammy2009, Jul 03, 2010
The nurses at my doctor's office are defintely my friends ... they come bug me at work (pet store) for any animal question they have.  Plus I got a christmas card from them :)

That's what happens when you go there once a week for 9 months to get allergy shots ...

377493 tn?1356502149
by adgal, Jul 03, 2010
When my son was born he had to stay 5 days in the NICU.  I will be grateful to the nurses there as long as I live.  They cared for all the babies there as if they were their own and spent so much time reassuring scared new parents such as myself. When my son was able to come home, I sent them a massive fruit and chocolate basket as a thank you, and have sent pictures of my son to them twice (they told me they love to see how the babies they cared for have grown strong and healthy).  I cannot say enough about those wonderful folks....and your post is an excellent reminder!

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