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"A Grave Error" with Prodisc Implantation in [Another Country]

Jul 02, 2010 - 1 comments

RIP Freedom of Speech

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by JJL2U, Dec 15, 2011
Clearly, more physicians need to take their Hippocratic Oath (as well as Hippocratic Corpus) more seriously. Too often it seems, they (many) either appear to be oblivious to it, ignore it, or only pay lip service to it (although some thank God, actually take it seriously and put it into good practice, the exception, imo). Here's probably the most important part of it, imo:

"The Hippocratic Oath includes the promise "to abstain from doing harm" (Greek: ἐπὶ δηλήσει δὲ καὶ ἀδικίῃ εἴρξειν) but does not include the precise phrase. Perhaps the closest approximation in the Hippocratic Corpus is in Epidemics: "The physician must...have two special objects in view with regard to disease, namely, to do good or to do no harm"

Seriously, I wonder what metric most Docs use for allegedly "successful procedures"? Does that mean that the patient benefited greatly from a surgery that went very well, OR, does it mean one in which the "Dr." performed the operation, got paid, didn't hear much back from the patient (ie: possibly meaning only that the patient didn't try and sue, as the result of a possibly failed operation???)

Until doctors start treating patients as human beings (ideally as they would their own family members), with real lives to live (even after they are done with their office visits, surgeries, rehab, etc.), you know, the rest of their lives, most will sadly just be viewed by them as numbers and dollar signs, to be used at their discretion or whim. When I come across a real Doctor, someone who really cares, and does their level best, I am almost always satisfied, and rarely disappointed, and will sing their praises to anyone who's interested. When I/we come across those "doctors" who are seemingly only in the profession for the money, the fame, or fortune, who talk a good game, even brag about their supposed "successes", only to seriously harm, or even debilitate another human being (sometimes showing little to no concern, and just like their oath, seemingly to ignore its very existence even), well, these frauds imo, really do need to be exposed for what they are, so that others are spared the expense and damage that too often occurs at their hands, literally, imo. Thank goodness for the internet, and the ability to reach mass audiences, again, to spread the word about "The Good Doctor!" when you do come across ones, and also, to expose those who would have you believe that to be the case, but in actuality, they are nothing of the sort, and imo, to be avoided like the plague! Again, THANK YOU for all that you do, God Bless! - John

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