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Jul 05, 2010 - 2 comments

Just got home from pre-registering at the hospital, since we had a lil scare last night. Baby wasn't moving so we went to L & D to make sure that all was well last night/this morning and sure enough as soon as they hooked me up to the machine he started kicking and going crazy =0) Just happy that he was all right, but boy did he scare me. Still can't belive that I'm in my last and finale trimester, time sure is flying by fast, but I'm enjoying every single moment of this pregnancy this time around (except for the morning sickness lol)

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by PrettyKitty1, Jul 05, 2010
Don't you love it when they do that to you? I have not been to L&D but my doctor's office will take me in at any time during business hours. No need for appt if it's a hurry. I went through the same thing you did and it was a bit scary. Caleb was probably being lazy. My baby sometimes gets that way, but only for 2 hours. After that it is a circus in there all the time lol.

By the way..I love Julian Caleb. Why didn't I think of that name? lol
I'm naming my boy Noah Gabriel.

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by HeatherLF16, Jul 05, 2010
I pre-registered when I was 28 weeks.  I did my childbirth class really early... thinking I would be too busy the following month to do it and they gave me instruction then.  
It was online and super easy, good thing because I have been there every week since...LOL.  
I am glad that everything is OK =)
I love the name you chose too....  my baby boy is Frank Clay after his daddy and his 91 year old great grandpa.  I hesitated at first, but it means a lot to my hubby and he has been great during this pregnancy so I couldn't resist.... he will be my little Frankie and I hope he looks just like my husband <3

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