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rain, rain go AWAY!

Jul 07, 2010 - 0 comments

ive been off the site ofr a week now I guess due to medical issues. Tuesday a week a go i was heading into work and i was bleeding to i headed back home. went to the dr. and she told me that there was a tear in the placenta and i was put on bed reast for a week for it to heal. ontop of that my left side had been hurting and she said there might be possible bruising by my ovaries. YAY. on wednesday my tv blew and bc im on bed rest there was no way i could have gone a week with out tv for my DD so we had to get another 1 $800 for that. sunday my husband bought some fireworks for us to do at home and 1 came apart and started firing at us and the house FUN TIMES. went back monday and the tear was no more PRAISE THE LORD. but now I have a bladder infection and since its been going on for a week or two if it dont get in better in the next few days i might have to be put in the hospital for a kidney infection...... when it rains it pours!! lol

Expecting Miracle #2
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