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Call from Doctors Office

Jul 09, 2010 - 10 comments

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I just got a call from the OB's office. They said my numbers are going up beautifully and progesterone level is good. They want to do my beta again on Tuesday (so basically in 4 days). Then I am scheduled for my first ultrasound on July 20th at 1pm. I am feeling pretty optimistic but still nervous. I am sure after my bloodwork Tuesday it will be killing me to get those results. Wish me luck!!

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1285651 tn?1319642429
by lil_lady25, Jul 09, 2010
Good luck, I know you can do this!! I'm praying that this little bean sticks for you. Yayy for you first u/s!! It will be here before you know it. This pregnancy has seemed to fly by for me so far. I'm sure yours will be the same.

1255151 tn?1413891826
by rbohl01, Jul 09, 2010
I hope your right- or atleast the first trimester anyways =) This has got to be the worst part!!!!
I think I would rather go through the labor part 10 times more than dealing with the 12 weeks of waiting to hope everything is ok.

1031264 tn?1318524241
by Heaver, Jul 09, 2010
Good Luck!!!!

1105753 tn?1374287348
by mjmom69, Jul 09, 2010
Congrats! That's wonderful news. and Good luck too!

1152782 tn?1451101426
by ConnieG, Jul 09, 2010
YAY. Good luck :)

1301836 tn?1305621815
by natashajay, Jul 10, 2010
ahhh thats such good news, ive got my scan tuesday so fingers crossed, yep ive loved labour all 3 of em thats why id have a baby for anyone but this first trimester is the scariest thing i think i'll ever have to do!
Good luck babe!!! i can't believe we're so close dates wise its fantastic xx

1337351 tn?1369931122
by Mercedes28, Jul 11, 2010
So happy for you! Good luck!

778044 tn?1299542934
by PrincessJam, Jul 12, 2010
Hey Girl,
My ultrasound is July 19th!! I know what you mean, I wish we could just be through these first few months so we know everything will be OK.  It's so scary and I worry all the time. I have to have faith and not worry so much. Your beta looks great, how many days past ovulation have you been getting your beta?
Jamie :)

1255151 tn?1413891826
by rbohl01, Jul 12, 2010
HI Jamie~
Umm... the first time I had it done it was 1027 at 17DPO and the 2129 at 19DPO. I go again tomorrow to get my bloodwork done again!! I am of course super nervous but I feel confident that everything will be ok. I just am trying to be prepared that something might go wrong, I mean I guess thats what 2 m/c's do to ya =(  My u/s is July 20th. I hope your goes great. I honestly cannot wait to see a little bean with a healthy beating heart. I think it will relax me a bit =)

1347411 tn?1283259514
by waitingformysunshine, Jul 13, 2010
Everything is looking good!  So excited for you!  Just checkin in to see how things were going!!  I'll be on vaca while you have your U/S....will be sending positive vibes to MI!!  LOL!  Keep me posted!!  Going in for my IUI tomorrow!  Fingers crossed!!

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