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My Life Changing Moment

Aug 10, 2008 - 0 comments

Acoustic Neuroma


Brain surgery


acoustic schwannoma


side effects


life changing

Back in 1988 I was diagnosed with having an acoustic neuroma. What happened over the next few months dramatically changed my life. It is only now that life is getting back to normal ! Nearly 20 years later.

Apart from the surgery and its side effects my whole life was disrupted. I suffered and still do to some extent, with mental health problems and this resulted in me being medically retired from work.

My whole story is told here

It is too big to post here. Please read it and if you are diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma try not to have the same experiences as me !!  I am happy to say that the treatments available now are much better than they were, but in some cases the surgeons knife is the only thing that can save your life.

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